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Child care

If the children of your new recruit are coming to Germany with them, you can help them to get used to living here too. For example, you can provide information about how the German education system works. Don’t forget that the way the preschool system works can differ widely depending on where you live. Your new recruits can also find out about the school system and preschools in Germany from the section entitled “Living in Germany".

Your new recruit may not be used to the idea of children being looked after in daycare facilities and preschools. As an employer, you can advise them on local childcare, provide contact details for possible facilities and help them apply for places in daycare centres and preschools.

When you register a child for a preschool or daycare centre, there will usually be a waiting period. If this is the case, an in-home daycare provider might be an alternative. Arrange appointments with in-home daycare providers. Perhaps as an employer you can cover some of the costs of childcare. That will make you a more attractive employer. You can find out more about daycare for children on the website of the Bundesverbandes für Kindertagespflege (Federal Association of In-home Daycare for Children).

Tip: To help your new recruit get integrated, make use of the regional corporate and professional networks.

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