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Formulating your job offer

Once you have decided to look for staff abroad, you have to fit the job offer to the target group. Draw up as accurate a job profile as possible showing the key professional and personal requirements.

  • Set out the qualifications that are required for the post, for example whether or not a specific, formal diploma is required.
  • If in doubt, point out that your company can help get foreign diplomas recognised.
  • State also the required German skills.
  • Where possible state an actual salary figure, and set out any other services that your company offers, such as relocation or support for learning the language. In other words, describe as specifically as possible what you are looking for while at the same making yourself attractive to applicants.
  • State futhermore in which languages you accept applications.

You will find more tips on how to formulate a job offer on the website of KOFA, the centre of excellence for securing a supply of qualified professionals.

Tip: Write your job offer in English or in the local language of your future employee. That will give you a better chance of addressing applicants who do not have a perfect command of German. Moreover, you will demonstrate that you are a cosmopolitan company, which will further improve your image abroad.

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