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Mechatronics engineer for air-conditioning/refrigeration

Mechatronics engineers for air-conditioning and refrigeration work in companies that build and fix air-conditioning/refrigeration systems in supermarkets, offices, hospitals or other buildings.


Course contents

What are the different methods of joining components? How do you read assembly drawings and circuit diagrams? These are some of the fundamental questions trainees will deal with at the beginning of their training. In the next stage, they will learn how to prepare complex air-conditioning and refrigeration machinery and systems for operation and how to maintain and repair them. Additionally, they will become specialists on cost-efficient and eco-friendly operation of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Does this description sound good to you? Then you might be interested in a vocational training course in mechatronics engineering. Click here (website only available in German) to find out more about this profession.

Special requirements

Working with (flammable) cooling agents demands great care and attention. Mechatronics engineers need to be highly flexible in their approach, as they will be working on site in different places and environments. However, this also means that you will have a lot of variety in your job. If you have some mechanical skills and are technically-minded on top of that, this will definitely help you master the challenges of this occupation.

Places of study

This is a dual vocational training course. The theory is taught at a vocational school (Berufsschule), while practical training takes place at a craftsperson’s workshop or an industrial company.

Duration: 3.5 years

Remuneration corresponding to years of training (craft business)

1st year    € 600.00 - € 800.00

2nd year   € 700.00 - € 900.00

3rd year    € 750.00 - € 1,000.00

4th year    € 800.00 - € 1,100.00

Remuneration corresponding to years of training (work in industry)

1st year     € 570.00 - € 853.00

2nd year    € 615.00 - € 940.00

3rd year     € 670.00 - € 1,000.00

4th year     € 720.00 - € 1,050.00

Remuneration (TVAöD): gross salary before tax and deductions for social security contributions; source: Federal Employment Agency (BA), as of March 2022.

Sector of activities

  • Mechanical engineering and tool manufacture
  • Supply and installation
  • Food and beverage industry

Your prospects after completion

  • Employment in a company offering assembly, operation and maintenance/repair of air-conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems
  • Specialisation as cold storage warehouse operator, assembly technician, service technician, quality inspector or supervisor
  • Acquiring additional qualifications such as IT or foreign language skills
  • Continuing vocational training to become a master craftsperson or fully qualified engineer

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