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Securing funding

Be well prepared for your studies: Make sure that your are able to support yourself financially during your time in Germany.

The question of financing your studies in Germany is vital. If you come from a country outside the EU/EEA and need a temporary residence title for the purpose of studying, you have to prove that you have the financial means to study and live in Germany.

To this end, you can set up a blocked bank account in Germany with a minimum amount of €11,208 (as of 2024). You will find a list of various providers of blocked accounts throughout Germany on the website of the Federal Foreign Office. Alternatively, you can ask friends or relatives in Germany to hand in a Declaration of Commitment for you at the foreigners authority. Therefore, you might not have to submit proof of your own savings when applying for a visa. You can find more information on proof of financial means on the Study in Germany website.

Making enquiries about scholarships

Would you like to fund your studies by means of a scholarship? Numerous institutions in Germany provide financial support on a monthly basis to students who meet certain requirements (e.g. extraordinary grades or commitment to social responsibility). However, you need to be aware that scholarships in Germany are rarely awarded from the first semester onwards. Students in higher semesters and doctoral candidates from abroad can apply for the DAAD scholarship. Some private institutions also provide support for students from abroad. You can find out more about funding options from DAAD and other selected funding organisations for international students on the DAAD website.

Cost of living

How much money do you need on average in order to live while studying in Germany? You will find detailed information on the cost of living during your studies in Germany on the Study in Germany website.

Information on the web

  1. DAAD Scholarship database of DAAD

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