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5 reasons for completing vocational training in Germany

Vocational training in Germany is practice-oriented, diverse and offers many opportunities: Convince yourself of the vocational training system’s advantages.

1. Practice: twice the fun with theory and practice

Vocational training in Germany offers a lot of variety. It combines theory and practical experience right from the start. You will receive on-the-job training at a company, while either one or two days a week, or several weeks at a time, are reserved for vocational school where you will learn about the theoretical principles serving as the foundation of your work. This dual system combining theory and practice will give you an ideal start into your professional career. Further information on the dual vocational training system is available here.

2. In demand: young talents are in high demand

Since companies across all industries are currently on the lookout for trainees, your chances of securing a place in a vocational training programme are excellent. In September 2023 alone, slightly more than 70,000 positions in vocational training could not be filled. Further information on how to successfully apply to a company can be found here.

3. Income: learn and earn

When starting a vocational training programme in Germany, you will be earning money from day one. Companies will pay you a salary for the work you do as part of your course. Further information on wages during your dual vocational training programme is available here.

4. Get ahead: good chances of being offered a permanent job

Vocational training may be your ticket to a career on the German labour market. Around two thirds of all trainees get to work permanently at their companies after completing vocational training. Upon completion of your programme, you will be fully qualified for your profession and earn good money. You will also benefit from the fact that you already know your company, its operations and your colleagues.

5. Prospects: good career prospects

Vocational training prepares you for the future. Professionals with a vocational qualification are in high demand on the German labour market. In some fields, candidates with a vocational qualification are even more sought after than university graduates. Start a career in Germany! German companies are looking forward to your application. And who knows, one day you might set up your own business and take on trainees yourself. Further information on your perspectives after completing vocational training is available here.

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