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5 reasons to claim naturalisation

Naturalisation makes you a German citizen and at the same a national of the European Union – with full rights and obligations:

    • You get more say: You are entitled to vote not only in the town where you live, but also at the Land and national levels, and even at the European level. Moreover, you can stand for parliament yourself and actively represent your interests politically.
    • Free access to all professions: You can choose any profession you like in Germany. For example, you would even be able to work as a public service employee.
    • The European Union is open to you: If you are not already the national of an EU state, your German passport gives you immediate Freedom of movement within Europe. That opens up even more possibilities: you can study, work and live in the EU, the EEA states and in Switzerland without restriction.
    • Travelling is easier: You can travel to and get visas more easily for numerous countries outside Europe.
    • Less bureaucracy: You no longer need a residence permit and no longer need to go to the foreign nationals' registration authority.
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