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5 reasons to claim naturalisation

Naturalisation makes you a German citizen and at the same a national of the European Union – with full rights and obligations:

    • You get to have a say: you are entitled to vote not only in the city or district in which you live, but you can also participate in elections in your federal state, on a national level, and even on the European level. Moreover, you can stand for parliament yourself and actively represent your interests politically.
    • You have free access to all professions: you can choose any profession you like when you are in Germany. You would even be able to work as a public service employee.
    • The European Union is open to you: if you are not already a citizen of an EU Member State, your German passport will give you immediate freedom of movement within Europe, opening up even more options: you can study, work and live in the EU, the EEA states and in Switzerland without restriction.
    • Travelling is easier: you can travel and get visas more easily for numerous countries outside Europe.
    • Less bureaucracy: you no longer need a residence permit and no longer need to go to the Foreign Citizens' Registration Authority.
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