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Visa for jobseekers

If you have not yet found a job in Germany, with a jobseeker’s visa you can come to Germany for up to six months to look for one if the following requirements apply to you:

  • A recognised university degree or one which is comparable with a German university degree. You can find out how this comparability with a German university degree is checked in our section „Foreign academic qualifications“.
  • You should have enough money to live on for the duration of your stay, since you are not allowed to be employed during this time. Further information can be obtained from the  Germany embassy which is responsible for you.

Once you have found a suitable job, you can immediately apply for the necessary EU Blue Card or a residence permit in Germany – without first having to depart the country – and can remain in Germany while your application is pending.

This provision applies to you even if you are already in Germany and previously had a residence title allowing you to exercise gainful employment, but which is no longer valid. However, note that a residence permit allowing you to hunt for a job that corresponds to your qualifications cannot be extended. You can only apply for another if, once your residence permit has expired, you spend at least as much time abroad as you spent in Germany seeking a job.

Information on the internet

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)

Important information about residence and settlement permits in Germany (German, English, Turkish)

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)

Flyer "The EU Blue Card" (German, English)

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