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You have decided to look for a job in Germany. We can show you the different ways of finding the right employer for you in Germany.

Whether you are still in your home country or already in Germany, the best way to start looking for a job is over the Internet. You can find vacancies in Germany on the following Internet pages:

Federal Employment Agency: Germany’s largest official job portal belongs to the Federal Employment Agency (BA). On the BA website, you can do targeted searches for vacant jobs. The search engine is available in German, English and French. However, for the moment most of the job offers are in German only.

Do you have questions concerning job search or work in Germany? The experts of the Migration Support Centre (VWC) of the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit, BA), will give you support in German or English: chat live with our experts or send an e-mail to: make-it-in-germany(at)

“Make it in Germany” Job listings: Here, you can do targeted searches in professions where Germany lacks qualified professionals.

“Hotline to Working and Living in Germany”: You are welcome to contact our hotline for advice in German or English. You can phone us on +49 30 1815 – 1111.

EURES: The BA is also a member of EURES 8network of European employment agencies). EURES is committed to promoting the mobility of job-seekers in Europe by providing advisory and job-finding services. EURES offers interesting job prospects and funding programs. You can find out more about this from the EURES advisors in the respective countries.
The EURES Internet portal has job offers from Germany and 31 other European countries, information about living and working in the different countries and the contact details of the EURES advisors. The portal is available in 26 languages.

In addition, every year EURES organises European Job Days in a large number of European countries, at which vacancies in Germany are also presented. You can find the dates of these events by asking the EURES advisors of the respective countries, or by consulting the EURES Web site or Facebook pages.

Job portals: Many German companies also publish their vacancies separately on the Internet. Take a look at the well-known job portals (German keyword: Jobportal) and on social networking sites. Otherwise, search for companies in Germany which are most likely to offer jobs in your line of work. Many of these companies offer vacancies on their own Web sites. The job sections are usually called “Stellenangebote”, “Karriere” or “Vakanzen”.

If you are you Germany already, there are additional ways of looking for a job besides over the Internet:

Newspapers: Many German newspapers publish job vacancies in their weekend issues. Maybe there’s something there for you.

Local employment agencies: It can also be worth visiting your local employment agency. There are branches of the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit, BA) in nearly all towns and cities in Germany. Their mission is to help people in their search for a job and the service is free.

Advertise yourself: Take positive action yourself by publishing your own job ad on the Internet or in newspapers. Alternatively, you can post your profile including your qualifications and professional experience on the Federal Employment Agency’s job portal and on business networks on the Internet for free. In your job ad or profile, supply the most important information in brief: the kind of post you are looking for, your activities, qualifications and career milestones, and the place where you would like to work. Interested companies or personnel recruitment businesses will then respond to your advertisement. However, experience has shown that applying for actual job vacancies advertised by companies in more effective.

Job fairs: You can make direct contact with companies at trade shows, job fairs and congresses. The advantage here is that you can make a positive first impression on them by talking with them in person. The best thing to do is to find out in advance which companies are taking part in an event. That way, you can address companies that are relevant to your profession. Before events, prepare some application folders that you could then leave with the companies. It is also important to ask for the business card or name of the person you have spoken with, after talks at the event. This will enable you to mention your conversation with that person at a later stage in your application. The Qualified Professionals Initiative website provides you with information on actual job fairs in different German cities.

EURES job fairs: European Job Days, held in all the countries which are a part of the EURES network, take place every year. The Federal Employment Agency routinely takes part in these job fairs with current job offers on the German labour market. Often, they are accompanied by German employers for them to be able to make direct contact with potential employees like you.

Personnel recruitment agencies: Another alternative is to use the services of private recruitment agencies. These look for suitable jobs on your behalf. However, they can ask job-seekers for very high fees.

Acquaintances: Friends and family often support us in life. Talk to your friends about the fact that you'd like to work in Germany. Perhaps one of them can help you.

Information on the internet

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European Commission

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Jobmesse Radar

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