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21. Publishing your job offer  
Publishing your job offer You also need to think carefully about where you post your job offer. Ask yourself the following questions: Via which channels can I best reach my target group? How…  
22. Further support  
Further support Federal Employment Agency Migration Support Centres The Migration Support Centres of the International and Specialised Services (ZAV) is the first place that employers should…  
23. Resume of international professionals  
Download the recent publications here: Resumes from the healthcare industry (PDF, 5.71 MB) Resumes from the IT industry (PDF, 3.04 MB) Applicant profiles of international…  
24. Start the selection process  
Start the selection process You have already received a few applications for the vacant post? In that case, the selection process can begin. Evaluate the application documents in the usual way: …  
25. Conducting the job interview  
Conducting the job interview To form an initial impression of your potential candidate from abroad, you can arrange a first interview by phone or over the Internet. Take care to adapt your…  
26. Employing the qualified professional  
Employing the qualified professional Once you have found the right international qualified professional for your company, you can then officially offer them the post and agree when they will…  
27. General rules on visa requirements  
The expedited procedure for qualified professionals Download General rules on visa requirements Legal and administrative regulations apply to the recruitment of international qualified…  
28. Work visa  
Work visa Generally, international qualified workers from third countries must apply for a visa at the German embassy in their country of origin before entering Germany. When doing so, presenting a…  
29. Approval of the Federal Employment Agency  
Database of regulated professions Learn more Approval of the Federal Employment Agency Citizens from EU member states and so-called EFTA states may take up employment in Germany without…  
30. Recognition of foreign qualifications  
Recognition of foreign qualifications Your company has to be able to know and judge what qualifications and skills foreign applicants have to offer. The chambers of trades and government agencies…  
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