Your chances:

You have completed vocational training abroad and would like to work and live in Germany? This is possible with an appropriate visa for this purpose. Here you can find out what requirements you must meet. 

  • Recognition of qualification: When applying for a visa that allows you to work as a qualified professional in Germany, you must have your foreign qualification recognised by the competent German authorities. This serves as evidence, that your professional qualification is equivalent to a comparable German qualification. You may want to inform yourself about the procedure and possibilities before applying for the visa. Find out more in the Recognition section. 
  • Concrete job offer: You also need a binding job offer that corresponds to your professional qualification. 

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Has your qualification been recognised as equivalent?

In such case, you may apply for a visa for jobseekers to look for suitable employment, locally.

The following information might help you with your visa application:

As soon as you have a binding job offer, you may apply for a residence permit for the purpose of qualified employment.

Information: Special regulations apply to citizens of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia regarding the access to the German labour market. 

Do you have any questions?

Let us advise you on your opportunities to work and live in Germany. Our experts will support you with questions regarding job search, visa, recognition and learning German. 

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