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Visa for a study-related internship EU

Are you studying outside the EU and would like to gain work experience in Germany through an internship? Then the visa for a study-related internship EU is for you.

With a visa to complete an academic internship in accordance with Section 16e of the Residence Act (AufenthG), you can learn about the everyday working life in Germany, gather work experience and establish contacts with potential employers.

To find out whether you require a visa to enter Germany, see "Who needs a visa?".

What are the requirements to receive a visa for a study-related internship EU?

  • You can provide proof of an internship agreement with a Germany facility. 
  • You are currently enrolled at a university abroad or have obtained your degree no more than two years before the visa application was successfully completed.
  • The internship corresponds with your course of studies.
  • The facility commits itself in writing to cover your costs of living and travel costs to your country of origin, which would otherwise need to be covered by public funds. This commitment applies for up to six months following the end of the internship.

Do you meet these requirements? Learn about the procedure for the entry and visa process.

What opportunities does a visa for a study-related internship EU offer?

A visa or residence permit to complete an academic internship shall be issued for the duration of the internship and for a maximum of six months. You may not obtain employment during this time. 

At a glance: Visa for a study-related internship EU

From the preparations to the application forms: This step-by-step guide shows you how to obtain a visa to complete a study-related traineeship EU. 

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