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Whether you are abroad or already in Germany, find out here how to encounter job opportunities in Germany.

Here we will show you some options for finding a suitable job offer, and you can inform yourself about different professions. However, we recommend that you first do the Quick-Check to verify which requirements are fundamental and must be respected.  

Your official partner for job placements in Germany

Are you considering working in Germany? The Federal Employment Agency (BA) can support you with their free-of-charge comprehensive advisory services. The BA’s international experts are at your side – from the beginning of your application, right up to when you start to work and live in Germany.  Let us guide you through your opportunities on the German job market.

Screenshot of Make it in Germany Job listings

Make it in Germany job listings

In the "Make it in Germany" job listings you will find job offers from the Federal Employment Agency (BA), where employers highly welcome applications from abroad.

To the job listings


On the BA's website BERUFENET you can get detailed information on various professional fields as well as find out what your profession is called in Germany and what it entails. 


The EURES portal (available in multiple languages) presents job prospects all over Europe and information on EU funding programmes. Via the job search you can find job vacancies, information on living and working conditions in the countries and contact details for EURES advisers. EURES regularly organises job fairs in many countries and online. Check the dates on the European Job Days website, on the EURES portal, or follow EURES on Facebook,  Twitter,  LinkedIn, and/or YouTube

Job portals and company websites 

Do you already know companies in Germany, or did you come across certain company names during your job research? Many companies also publish their vacancies on their websites. It is best to search on their respective homepages using the keywords “job offers”, “career” or “vacancies”. A speculative application can be worthwhile. 

Talent profile 

Be active and publish your personal profile online in various business networks and job portals. Interested companies will then become aware of you and can contact you directly. 

Are you already in Germany? 

If you are already living in Germany or are staying in Germany temporarily, there are other options available to you for finding a job: 

Counselling at the Employment Agency 

The Employment Agency’s responsibility is to help people find a job. You can get free on-site advice in almost all German cities. The local employment agencies are branches of the Federal Employment Agency. 

Job fairs 

Try visiting job fairs and congresses to profit from conversations with company representatives. 

Recruitment agencies 

Private recruitment agencies offer another alternative for finding a job specifically suited for you. Make sure to get information on potential fees in advance in case you choose to make use of their services.

Do you have any questions?

Let us advise you on your opportunities to work and live in Germany. Our experts will support you with questions regarding job search, visa, recognition and learning German. 

You can find out more about the various contact options by clicking on one of the icons in the top bar.

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