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German states at a glance

Welcome to the Federal Republic of Germany. Due to its central location, Germany shares borders with a total of nine neighbouring European countries. The Federal Republic extends from the Alps in the south to the North and Baltic Seas. 

As a federal system, the German Federal Republic consists of 16 federal states whose state governments partly take on their own state duties. Explore Germany on our interactive map of the federal states. Find out about their capitals, populations and economic sectors.

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Baden-Württemberg is one of the most modern industrial locations in the world. Its economic strength and low unemployment levels contribute to its attractiveness. 

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Beautiful natural landscapes, friendly people, attractive economy: Bavaria is a truly fascinating state. Its economy is booming, and its labour market offers plenty of opportunities for international professionals.

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The capital posts record numbers of business start-ups. This is where the greatest number of new jobs are created in Germany.  People from all over the world move to Berlin to live and work and many companies are setting up their headquarters here. 

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Together with Berlin, Brandenburg forms Germany's capital region. The state has plenty to offer: While it is an industrial state, located at the centre of major European routes, it also benefits from beautiful natural landscapes which are perfect for recreation and leisure.

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Bremen is innovative and creative, but laid back at the same time – as is typical for the North of Germany. Positive people as well as performance-driven business and research make Brandenburg an attractive location for professionals. 

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Hamburg is a green city located near the sea and offers a host of things to do in your free time, including plenty of cultural activities. Its international flair and comparatively young population make it a very pleasant place to be.

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Home to one of the largest European airports, Hessen offers an excellent transport network. Frankfurt, as an international financial centre, has a strong influence on Hessen as a service region. Similarly, well-known international industrial companies define Hessen as a technology location at the heart of European markets.

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Lower Saxony

Strong enterprises, innovative minds and excellent research institutes have turned the state into an excellent location for business and research alike. 

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Northern landscapes, the beautiful Baltic seaside, clear lakes, open fields, untouched nature, a maritime flair and lots of space – all of that defines Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – a place to live. As a business location, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern relies on a healthy mix of innovative, future-oriented industries and traditional businesses, global players and SMEs. 

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North Rhine-Westphalia

North Rhine-Westphalia is a very diverse state, with vibrant business centres, bustling cities and peaceful natural landscapes. The state is home to one of the strongest industrial regions in the world and offers one of the most vibrant cultural landscapes in Europe.

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Rhineland-Palatinate is one of Europe’s high tech regions, with above-average economic strength and a focus on export. Family-friendly infrastructures, excellent schools, universities and educational institutions as well as beautiful natural and cultural landscapes and the mighty rivers Rhine  and  Moselle  make Rhineland-Palatinate a lovely place to be.

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From a traditional mining and steel location, the state of Saarland has evolved into a modern, international business region. Positioned in the Southwest of Germany bordering France and Luxembourg, Saarland boasts beautiful landscapes and a low cost of living.

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Saxony is an excellent location for international companies and has developed rapidly in the last couple of years. This may be due to its attractive position between Western and Eastern Europe, as well as to its population’s affinity with all matters technical.

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A dynamic business environment set at the heart of Europe, high levels of direct investment, excellent universities and a host of research institutions all contribute to Saxony-Anhalt’s attractiveness for professionals. 

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Schleswig-Holstein is home to many beacons, and in more than one sense of the word. Many companies and research institutions are beacons of science and business as they are developing the technologies of the future. At the same time, you can discover many actual beacons and lighthouses as you walk along its 1,190 kilometres of coastline.

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Thuringia has become one of the most dynamic regions with the highest growth rates. By high flexibility and innovation, small and medium-sized companies access quickly to new market developments and offer high emloyment security for their employees. Thuringia is now considered as top location in the center of Europe.

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