Introducing the Welcome Center “Region Hildesheim”

02 July 2020 - Welcome Centers have become important players in the recruitment of qualified professionals. Over the years, more and more such facilities are being set up. Welcome Centers support international professionals and their families with a wide range of services when arriving in a new region or state. In the region of Hildesheim, for example, a Welcome Center was opened on 13 February 2020. The editorial team of "Make it in Germany" has spoken with the director Mrs. Maria Isabel Cáceres Guerrero (Email: to learn more about the Welcome Center Region Hildesheim.

1. Why was the Welcome Center Region Hildesheim (WCRHi) founded?

The Welcome Center Region Hildesheim was established because the lack of qualified professionals in the Hildesheim area has become one of the biggest challenges for companies here.

The WCRHi aims to counteract and to actively support the local economy in recruiting and retaining qualified professionals. Our target groups also include students, university graduates and trainees. In doing so, we support the promotion of young talent for the Hildesheim region. We also help local companies to recruit qualified professionals from abroad and support them during the recruitment process.

2. Which services does the Welcome Center Region Hildesheim offer?

The motto of the Welcome Center Region Hildesheim is: Chancen. Entdecken. Ankommen. (“Opportunities. Explore. Getting settled”)

We give advice to professionals, executives and their families, both with or without a migration background, on all aspects of life. We provide support in the recognition of vocational and academic qualifications acquired abroad. We also help during the application process. We are a point of contact for all new citizens in the city and district of Hildesheim. We show them what is special about the region and support them when arriving at their new homes. If necessary, we refer them to the regional experts suiting their interests; we see ourselves as guides.

3. Do you also support companies in your region in recruiting and integrating international professionals?

Yes, we provide targeted support to companies in the recruitment of foreign qualified professionals. We develop integration concepts according to their operational needs. This includes the integration of the qualified professional into the company as well as social integration of the family travelling with the employee. Therefore, we offer customized intercultural trainings.

4. How do those seeking advice approach you? Do you receive requests for advice directly from abroad?

That varies. Our clients come to us through word-of-mouth propaganda, but also via educational institutions (language schools, universities, etc.) as well as through recommendations from the employment agency or their employer. Enquiries from abroad are also common. Especially when people interested in emigrating are thinking about coming to our region, we are already contacted from abroad. This also applies to foreign qualified professionals who are still in the application process. This group of people also contacts us in advance.

5. With which other institutions does the Welcome Center work cooperate?

We work with various institutions: with our sponsor (Hildesheim Marketing GmbH), the city of Hildesheim as financing partner and its business development agency. We also teamed up with the district of Hildesheim and its business development agency in the Hildesheim region (HI-REG). We collaborate with the Office for Regional State Development Leine-Weser, the project development office for the application for the European Capital of Culture 2025 and with the Network IQ. We have also established a connection to “Make it in Germany”.

In addition, we cooperate with the employers' association in the district of Hildesheim, the Hildesheim office of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Hannover, the Chamber of Crafts Hildesheim-South Lower Saxony, as well as the associations Industrieverein Alfeld - Region (industrial association in the region of Alfeld), Pro Leinebergland and Unternehmer Hildesheim (entrepreneurs of Hildesheim). We are also cooperating with the VHS Hildesheim GmbH, our two local universities and the Student Services OstNiedersachsen.

Do you have any questions?

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