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Newsletter no. 3/2019

Vocational training in Germany

Germany’s dual vocational training system enjoys an excellent reputation around the world. However, many companies are unable to find enough apprentices. Recruiting apprentices from abroad is therefore a good opportunity to counteract this development. It not only helps companies secure the skilled labour they need, but also provides individuals from abroad with long-term career prospects in Germany.

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Newsletter no. 2/2019

Immigration from EU Member States

Large numbers of people from other regions of the world would like to live in Germany for many different reasons. The latest data from the central register of foreign nationals (AZR)[1] shows that the migration flows to Germany are closely linked to the principle of free movement which applies within the European Union (EU).

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Newsletter no. 1/2019

EU Blue Card

On 1 August 2012, the Federal Government introduced the EU Blue Card as the residence permit for highly qualified professionals from third countries wishing to live and work in Germany.

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Newsletter no. 4/2018

Special edition: Make it in Germany is now the official German government information portal for qualified professionals from around the world.

Speaking about Make it in Germany, Federal Economic Affairs Minister, Mr Peter Altmaier, summed up the overall concept and the specific mission of the initiative’s website as follows: “Anyone who wants to win the competition for sought-after international specialists must provide up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive information about the opportunities and chances in the country.”

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Newsletter no. 3/2018

International students in Germany

When it comes to international students, universities in Germany are in demand. According to official figures, the number of international students in Germany from abroad rose in 2017 to just over 359,000...

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Newsletter no. 2/2018:

International skilled professionals in companies

There are some sectors in regions in Germany where a lack of qualified professionals is already making itself felt. This skills gap is expected to widen as the population of Germany continues to age. We are now at a stage where a lack of qualified labour is the biggest commercial risk...

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Newsletter No. 1/2018:

Recognition of professional qualifications acquired abroad

Assessing foreign qualifications to see whether they can be recognised as equivalent to German ones is key for successfully integrating professionals from abroad into the German labour market. Germany is currently home to more than 12.7 million immigrants...

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Newsletter no. 1/2017:

Immigration and Culture of Welcome

People come to Germany for various reasons. The large number of refugees in recent years has led to people wondering whether it still makes sense to recruit more skilled workers from abroad...

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